What I go to school for

From the annals of the diaries written in the dungeons where the whole "height issues - tiramisu" saga began.

At least this amounted to more than me bringing RT to school, introducing her as a sister and not getting believed by all the manjen chicks and mat boys.

Quarreling about smoking in non-smoking zones with one security guard, 2 professors and lovingly chided by the cleaning auntie who only speaks Teochew [and swears in all dialects] later, I am still at the same spot this morning fagging and waiting for the bus.

Some people never learn. Fine the bastards. On a totally random afternote, my house coffeeshop has gone crazy and has been rid of all its ciggie supply for the past 3 days. Either the owner is extremely pissed off about something or they are changing their suppliers. In any case, it is irritating.


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