Well, in light of the previous post. The debonairs of AVB just decided to run out and grab a pic of One Tree Hill. Let it be known that the 5 bucks will be donated to purchase half of the next AVB fag pack.

Talking about debonairs, check this one out. Pure YINDIAN porn.

Aint God ironic though.
Drink - Horny - All clothes off.
Drink - Horny - Can't get it up.

Question? How should these be ranked, in terms of ascending order?

1. Hugging
2. Kissing
3. Petting
4. Hand Jobs
5. Blow Jobs
6. Sex
7. Anal

See, I was always under the impression that 5 comes before 6. But in recent times, this whole "but using ur mouth is much more personal so it ranks later" counter argument seems to be plaguing my already pint-sized brain. Any helps?

Finally, spotted on Yahoo! Singapore:

So, when you are done attacking your stalker with your dual core processor, at least you have the body bag to properly dispose of the evidence.

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