One Tree Hill

Location. Location. Location.

A: So, where do you live?
B: Serangoon.
A: Like the Road?
B: No... like the North.

A: So, where do you live?
B: Sixth Avenue. And you?
A: I'm putting up at the Tenth Avenue.
B: Is that close to me?
A: I doubt so, it's in Ang Mo Kio.

Pre has long lamented that no one believes she used to stay in One Tree Hill. Before, you assume she's just being delirious or you haven't really ventured beyond the Orchard MRT bit of Orchard Boulevard, let me set you straight. There IS a One Tree Hill in Singapore. 5 bucks for anyone who goes out there and takes a picture of the signboard for me.

Houses at One Tree Hill could cost anywhere between $500 000 to from $6 000 000. For example, a freehold HDB resale apartment at One Tree Hill costs $1 150 000. Strangely, the private properties located at Orchard Centrepoint (nearby One Tree Hill) cost much cheaper, from anywhere between $500 000 to $2 500 000.

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