Delirious yet painful. Content yet anxious. Confident yet wary. Story of the day.

Apparently, the gahmen has decided NOT to outlaw oral and anal sex between consenting heterosexual couples no more. Wow, now how long did it take them to get this done? And yes, definitely getting a mind-blowing [pun intended] oral sexcapade was never in the cards for all the 100 odd Members of Parliament. I mean what is a mouth for? To eat, to spit and to gargle with. What is an arse for? Always exito never entrio.

Still, the gay community is yet again thrust forward into the limelight. By gay, you know they are only going after the men on this one, just waiting for one of them to pull a George Michael on them at the MRT station washrooms. How do you outlaw lesbians then? Their version of sex is still sex to them. Possibly a motorized utensil rather than a throbbing flesh and blood dick. But, of course, that's not really enough to charge them with unnatural and carnal intercourse. I like this word. Carnal. What it means to say is that getting a blowjob is "relating to physical bodily contact". Quite the contrary when you compare it with carnage, which is what happens after my Sub Zero pulls a Fatality Move on your Scorpio.

This is going nowhere actually. The law must change. We have gotta accept that men who are attracted to other men and women who are attracted to other women is not so exceptional that it warrants ostracization.

Ostracization too is rife within the HIV infected community. They get soo many exemptions that it is kinda lookin fashionable to be infected with inccurabilities. And yes, for all youse sexually active blokes out there. Do yourself a favour. Go get a HIV Test done. Action for Aids runs anonymous tests for just 20 buckeroos down at Kelantan Lane. Get to their website, here. It's really not worth it, either getting infected, or passing it on or worse still not realizing till your infant ends up being born with it. Retardation drugs are presently still in laboratory testing stages but a full cure should take at least a good thirty years more. But anyhow, you should be dead by then.

Another bright, what would the world do without engineers e-mail from my professor. Yeah, like lawyers aren't scum enough.

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