Lie Cheat Steal

So, first RT decides to do a whole "Don't keep a cheat in your life" post, HERE. Then, she follows it up with a modernity doesn't mean promiscuity "Fuck you Ho" post, HERE.

Elsewhere, within the blogosphere, SuperNova wants to know if you coincidentally happen to meet a friend who is attractive and digs you too, do you leave your chick for this new one, HERE.

And, new friend decides to do some anti-lying, cheating bastards rant, HERE.

I really thought I'd be inspired to write some whole jing jang bullshit about why you should be faithful and not cheat and if you see the need to cheat, why not just break up first, kinda post. But to hell with it.

My mantra has always been "Wanna do? Do it big". This next lady has ma RESTECP. Which is precisely I don't see myself in this whole frivolous, cheating adrenaline rush. Lazy la. Where got time to book billboard all?

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