Blood Stallion

Catching the story of Kublai Khan and later his son, Genghis Khan on this serial on Channel U, I realize I don't watch enough Chinese flicks these days. Yes, I went on my Infernal Affairs 1-3 marathon the other night followed by The Departed. But, it isn't close to my childhood when "Ti Pa Poh Tao" was the channel of choice after my afternoon session school.

Anyhow, television educates. Today I learnt about this breed of a horse known as a blood stallion. Apparently, normal animals sweat sweat, a blood stallion sweats blood. Extremely rare. 2 wars in ancient history have been fought over blood-sweat horses. Read more about it, HERE.

I am intrigued. I want one. Not for its rarity, but for the sake of making the figurative "blood-stained hands" a reality.

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Anonymous said...

read again - the sweat "looks like blood" (very likely because of the colour of the coat)- not is blood!

ah_neh said...

okie well i wrote on the basis of the serial i watched where the guy's hands really got blood stained after patting his horse.

thanks for the clarification tho.