Back stabbing.

I've gone through exactly 3 years of my SAF life now. And I've only heard of the evil backstabbing politics between colleagues who otherwise have no other intention but to be of the higher order and fast.

In fact, in all the goddamn filthy jobs, and yes I do have sores on my skin to prove them, I also have not encountered this phenomenon. I personally have no idea what the fuck is backstabbing since I derive much pleasure in fucking ppl to their faces. Since that brings greater "brand recognition" and is a good "marketing tool".

Well alas, it happened to me, just last week. Just in time to spread the Christmas Cheer. The culprit is a christian by the way, wonder which church she goes to, and who she got her tutelage under.

Well, story is this, I is of a different department but the department next door just has all the people I click with easily, so when my work is done I'm always there, also due to the PC with the Internet.

Now the boss of this department however is an old fogey and a perennial condescending all round bitch. Everytime she sees ppl who are not her ppl there, mind you her underlings constitute only 1/2 of the room and I'm seated with te other 1/2, her blood jus boils. Is it cos I'm ah neh? Is it cos I got a kiam pah face? God knows. all i know is she did it smartly. Cos, the fuckin bitch took a week long holiday the morning after letting go her poisonous tentacles.

So the bitch goes to her boss and lets go a few nuggets of choice chicken fillet, and I "allegedly" got a shallacking the next day, also kena did a coupla innocent bystanders of which my friend was in the picture. Poor soul, only 2 mths into the job and having her own boss backstab her too.

I just don't get it. Why? Why? Why? Some innert joy? Some childhood issues with an Indian ex bfren? I pondered one whole night and didnt get the answer till some great big discussion over the smoking point, beer at the mess, Xmas function and Pepper crab.

That's when I got it. She's just a dumb old fag who has passed her prime and some poor soul along her life has convinced her that she is in fact "right" and "good" and "fair" and "full of sweet and spice and all things nice".

Alas! I realize now too, God is playing his lil old games. Play on Old Man. I aint affected. I'd just like you to send her some breast cancer cells to sit and stagnate till she's 60 and can't fight it with her immune system no more.

With this, Have a merry Xmas everybody. LEt Santa Claus give you all that you wished for, except Tyra Banks, she's mine. [If someone hasn't already crept up behind him and launched their GINSU knife yet].


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