Simple Pleasures

Since I'm already in the family angle of stuff these days, I really need to give it up to my pops for the simple pleasures he has taught me.

Pleasure is one thing, but getting it through simple means with no coercion and no big sum spent is another. My dad is a simple man, simple things make him happy. Like if his sons suddenly do something that seems fillial, or when someone in the family agrees with him on something.

More than my mum, I have no idea why I've always sought my dad's approval in stuff. Not the asking permission sort but yeah to see his chuckle, that slight upturned lip to show he is happy with what u did n not dissapointed.

Simple Pleasures of mine:

1. Watching the sun set from outside my house with a good coffee and an equally good fag.

2. Dissing MGR cos he's my dad's mortal enemy. Don't ask me why, my dad simply hates that mofo.

3. Dissing the opponents of the soccer team my dad has bet on.

4. Buying the family dinner. Not a big deal in most places, but we seldom eat out and eat good. So, it really makes my old pops a happy man when he has a meal worth burping bout and seeing his kid whip out the card to settle the bill.

5. Smelling the sweet smell of lavender. Fuck man, that smell always gets me on a high.

6. Seeing my brother after he has a had a good long bath and is smelling good but with bad hair. One of my daily simple pleasures.

7. Watching my mum watch her Sun TV soap operas with such intense concentration that the curry has even got burnt once in a while.

8. Getting an sms from an unexpected source. [Simple yet satisfying]

9. Eating Hersheys cookies and cream. Nothing puts me in a better mood than rolling that liquefied chocos in my mouth. Sweet sensation.

10. A nice fucking piping hot bowl of char siew mee pok, with extra chili, add sausage and luncheon meat. Now that's the way to start the day! [By far best mee pok i've had is in Air Force School, love that auntie's shit boy]

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