I know who sent this in

I bet I know who sent these in to Postsecret:

This is a true incident. Happened at the Ngee Ann City Fountain. I hope to god it's him/her. Call me man, I got more ideas for ya. Btw, damage to pump all the water out and pump it back in. Estimated at $5,000.

This ah-pek in my block. My block must be the richest in the district. Every mofo here scrimps and saves by living in a 4 room flat and can afford Mercedes E classes. Please learn to park la uncle, and no, just cos you can't see without your specs doesn't mean you get to use the handicapped slot.

The millions of women throughout the world who have suffered date rape. It is a real problem. Don't keep mum, fight it, report it. Throw em in the slammer. To the boys, don't force it, its much sweeter given FOC.Me. Yes, I was in one of my moods. Forgive me, he shouldn't have bend over to get the soap. I'm sorry, I won't do it again.

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