Christmas Weekend

Ok, Christmas has come and gone leaving me very Santa Claustrophobic. I, kudos to me, did not step into the Orchard Rd region at all! Yey! One fateful night without that crap of a crowd.

Well, the only santas i saw were 3 gorgeous Santarinas at this small family run pub in Telok Kurau and one transsexual Santa with perky tits and a blonde wig but with Joscelin Yeo shoulders.

I dont' see the big deal bout this week, i.e. starting at Xmas and culminating in the New Year. It is my most dreaded week. An excuse to spend money, cabs [the only way i travel] got extra charges, food shops I like are closed and the spendthrift in me won't rest till the bank balance reads ZERO.

But holidays means more actually, a convenient excuse for all the siblings of the big big families of the 1950s to get together and have a huge party. You know the kind: 40 yr old women talking about the latest Indian movie gossip, chicken curry boiling on the stove, kids running all around and tripping over the minute specks of dust. Older cousins sitting around keeping a straight face though seething in disgust with each other. Dickhead uncles who speak like they know the world. Their pleasant wives who try in vain to keep their hubby's mouths shut. Yes, we all got crazy ass relatives... why not...makes the world go round. ;)

But the true joy I guess is to see the little ones play, here are the little pioneers of the most mindboggling dance moves and crap talk of my extended family.

My little brother, Arul

The love of my life. What will I do without him. Haiz. Presently representing Singapore in some HK Exchange thang with Scouts. Envy man, ask any uniformed personnel in Singapore, the pride of wearing a "singapore flag" patch beats any other badge or medals you can be awarded.

My youngest auntie's son, Kumaran

He has a deformity, but thank god no one in my family is shallow enough to think that makes him any less human like some "villagers" do. Fantastic fella, though he MUST grow out of his cartoon character "set clothes" soon or else I aint gonna speak to him. Aaaargh, the pain that the chicken little outfit gave me that day.

His sister, Lavanya.

Blossoming beauty. She didnt speak to me at all till 2 years back mostly cos I was seldom around these functions and she didnt know I existed. But damn, she's cute! My best bet for growing up to be a first class beauty.

My favourite auntie's daughter, Saras.

Fantastic girl, superb manners, attitude, humility and respect. My favourite cousin based on overall developmental potential. Hahaha. If only her mum let her beautify herself by straightening her hair and letting her pierce more ear holes.

My second last uncle's children, Revathi and Shivaanan.

My vote for the ones who will grow up to be non orthodox Indians. You know the kind, westernized to the max. Just grooving. Stubborn little fella that small punk, I had to discipline him last Deepavali by making him sit within a 30 cm by 30 cm square tile at my granny's place. N he got soo terrified he pissed on the spot. Hahahaha. He fears me and I like that. His sis on the other hand used to ONLY sleep on my lap on those road trips up north. Even her parents found it irritating. But what the hell, who wouldnt want me, tell me. Oh yes, they spent 2 years of their childhood in France. Cos my aunt who's in the air force did a stint there.

I thought I've ended but this photo is soo captivating I have to give dear girl Lavanya some more air time. So fascinated I am with this pic, that it is now my mobile wallpaper. Tadaaaaa :

Adieu Compadres!

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