There's been so much brick a brack about GEP (Gifted Education Programme) kids and the normal hardworking kids like you and me.

I think it all comes down to this, somewhere in Pri 4 they make you take this IQ test thinking that if you are smart then you should study with other smarties, in Rosyth School. And then on to a lame ass elitist secondary school where they continue the whole segregation of GEP and Express in Sec 1 already with some placement tests and all that.

Truth is this. The system alienates the supposed "gifted" and the "express" and the "normal" and the "technical". So what the fuck's the big hoo haa about? Well for starters, the top student in the PSLE this year opted to go BPGH which is a damn fine school by itself instead of RGS cos she wanted to do it "neighbourhood". Her political statement was cool till she redid her options and put RGS as 1st place sayin she didnt know that Edusave would cover the expensive school fees.

Around the same time, some GEP and Express students got it on about how those clowns are arrogant and blah blah elitish pricks. On my part, it aint their fault if you look at it. When I was in my independent secondary school in the Bishan region, not naming it not cos of slander but cos I jus dont want to be associated with it; the teachers were quite easily convinced that GEP kids are the smarter ones. Yet, the school called for cohesion and batch spirit. This while all the way, the 7 express classs were on the 1st floor and the 4 gifted ones were on the 2nd floor. We don't meet, we don't speak, we "hate" each other.

Ah boh den, KNN all sit for same 'O' Levels what. So who care if you smarter class? Also, why got no GEP in the tertiary level? Suddenly the gifted ones don't need enriching. Or is it, somewhere along the way, the Express ones got smarter? I just don't get it.

What I say...Scrap the fucking system. Keep things neat and simple. No need for GEP, no need for EM1-3, everyone just study the same goddamn thing. The smart ones will do good, the dumb ones will do bad. The smart ones apply for the top schools and get in, the dumb ones apply for the lesser standard schools and get in to. Everyone studies, and moves along. Instead of labelling, just streamline the system.

Things are getting damn haywire. NUS High School, some clowns no need to sit for O Levels. WTH!? My kid's getting home schooled.That's confirmed. Oh yeah, I'll be in sunny Mauritius by then, so no choice must school at home OR pick coconuts for a living. Hmmm, tough choice.

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