Ode to Sleep

I got a question. How is it that people get a good night's sleep. Or even a period of good sleep. More importantly, is everyone who says I woke up feeling fresh a mudderfuckin liar?

I need the answer. How do I wake up fresh?

My typical waking up routine [ok la...I only wake in the afternoons, evenings if i've been drinking the night before..but yeah, still applies right?] This routine exists only cos I die die cannot wake up to a HP alarm or a conventional alarm clock.

1. Yawn! Wake me up in 15 minutes time.
2. Yawn! Wake me up in 15 minutes time.
3. Yawn! Wake me up in 15 minutes time.

Then ultimately I'll wake la, cept 45 mins has passed, I'm late for work/school/wateva.

The taste in my mouth sickens. I have no idea what's been decomposing between the teeth and gums while i napped.

My eyes are glued shut with that "eye shit" [for lack of a better word, I shall use the chinese term].

My nose itches, wait for my bath it will start to run. Yes, I have early morning sinusitis. A real bitch of an ailment that. Ask anyone who speaks to me in the morning, I cannot handle more than 10 seconds of conversation without dabbing my nostrils with my hanky. Oh yes, I do carry top quality Renoma hankies..so no qualms bout hygiene there.

In this dizzy state, still my body aches, my head throbs, this is not a hangover mind u. I experience this every single day. Tried different mattresses, different beds, different rooms, even sleeping in North-South direction [apparently it aligns ur individual cells to the true magnetic heading of the earth so you are one with the universe].

Help me! I can't wake up feeling fresh.What do i do, what do i do?
Die la, this coupled with my nocturnal-sleep-in-the-day cycle. Die la Die la!

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