Tony Soprano and Me

I have to stop watching The Sopranos. I identify with Tony too much. Tony Soprano is the head of a New Jersey family. He rules with a tight hand, has an eye for fast women [even his own cousin's wife he don mind doing]. You fuck with him, he don't care even if you are family or friend, you're screwed. No 2 ways about it. Kapeesh?

Tony is an angry man. I see my anger in him, sometimes looking at someone just like you from a 3rd person makes more sense than having someone tell you bout it. I apologize now to friend or foe who has told me to keep my anger in check in the past only to be greeted with the middle finger.

I think I need anger management therapy. Teach myself ways to dissipate the frustrations I seem to collect at the end of each day. I am also a revengeful kniving S.O.B. who will stop at nothing to get my fair and just take on the situation. I can wait years to kill. He can to. Although, he just kinda snaps his fingers, nods his head and his younger cousin will finish the bozo.

The one thing I saw in Tony is that he cannot take it, he gets fucking buay song if some clown in his life manages to get over a hurdle that he himself is facing. In the latest episode I caught on Tuesday, it was anger management.

The short of it is this. Tony's sis hits another soccer mum cos she claimed her kid was intentionally tripping her kid the whole day on the pitch. Made big news, also concentrating on her supposed Mafia links. Tony gets pissed, tells his sis to sort herself out, she does. She checks into anger management. on her 1st day, she manages to rile a homosexual and a Negro lady. But progress is made. Tony's sis gets cured of her anger problem, she even doesnt hang up on irritating telemarketers instead being polite to them.

Tony on the other hand brought up the same anger issues with his shrink. But makes no headway. Seeing his sis being happy and cheerful jus pisses him off. So he sits himself down to dinner. Lets his sis's stepchildren know she had a kid once and she abandoned him. Also pisses her off by bringing up how she grew up without a mum and how she's doing it too to her kid.

The sis also buay song, she took a dinner knife to tiok him. Tony leaves with this motherfucking smirk that is classic.

I'd sooo do this to my own brother. If there was a similar situation. Which brings me to my point. I gotta stop watching the Sopranos and get help .Know any good shrinks?

"You answer to me like I'm Jesus Christ himself, and if you fuckin' lie to me, may your mother die of cancer of the eyes!"

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