Legolas the Star.

Watching: Russell Peters "Your momma so fat, that when she jumped for joy, she got stuck"

Reading: LKY's memoirs.
Have never read so much hate about any other opposition politician the way he scathes about JBJ, though in a way. He writes in a way that compels you to believe.
P.S. He calls him a poseur.

I just finished Lord of The Rings. Yes, Tolkien's 3 book masterpiece of the fantasy genre, made into huge fuckin ass budget film. If you are already stumped at "Tolkien" and "fantasy", please get the fuck out of ya. I have no time for your "waaaah i love LOTR man ....i love LOTR ..legolas who?"

The star of the movie? Orlando Bloom as Legolas. Fuckin sexy bastard, even being a man my eyes couldnt leave him when he's on screen. Sheeesh. I have to put his shots o'er here. At least for me to masturbate to on my lonely nights.

Oh yes, Gandalf as the White Wizard. Amazing how I notice stuff when its not in boring elvish written by Tolkien. Frodo is such a prick face, I wish they'd given the ring to some other clown to take it to the mountain. Also, explain how his finger gets bitten off then it's all back to normal. If Gandalf is such a good healer... All of Saruman's armies should have been defeated just by sheer wizadry a la WoW [World of Warcraft].

Confession: I hate the book, Tolkien totally put me off the entire genre of fantasy for a good ten years. Even now I can only handle those little slim books. He writes like fuck and only he would understand what the hell he was saying. Wonder who Peter Jackson got his translations from. Movie's not too bad, lot of details lost but heck for a 9 hr condensation of a 3000 page trilogy, not too bad an effort.

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