NTU's atrocities

School's about to open. And damn, the fuckin pain of subject registration. Why can't things be simple like in the old days, go to school on the first day, collect your timetable, everyone complains "wah lau..wednesday finish so late...still got eca training", but then we all jus do the same shit, write the same exams at the same time. Who pass goes on, who fails doesn't, and gets retained.

Who was the bright spark who came up with the modular system anyway. Like if you fail a module, you repeat it till either you pass it or they throw it out of the syllabus and give u another crappy replacement subject.

Now, we suddenly from A B C D got grades from A+ to D- and E and F ,all carrying their individual grade points so we can calculate what degree we're gonna end up with. Finally, NTU sees the sun. Nabei, so fucking long grads of the school have literally stabbed in the dark just gone thru the motions and wrote their papers without one inkling of what class of degree they might come up with. Some even theorized that there was a quota each year for each class.

I just don't get it. You earn your class as per how well you did what. And also once you exceed 4 yrs of academic time, you automatically lose your honours. This is the old system. Which means, an A student [not me] could be scoring As and Bs for 3.5 yrs and in his final sem just fail one fucking module and he loses his honours and also has to come back pay 6 mths of fees for just one goddamn subject.

One thing, that really peeves me is the "quizzes" in NTU. Every core subject has about 2-3 quizzes which are mandatory and the only way to escape them if you aint prepared is to have a ready MC. These quizzes supposedly contribute to your end grade after the written paper, and is supposed to take the load off the final paper and give you a bonus. Ok, fine. Good idea. Especially for the underachievers like me.

But then here comes the cinch. The damned professors who teach have no idea exactly how much percentage your quizzes carry and some don't even release the quiz results to you, always promising to put it "online", then not doing so. Classic line : "The quizzes carry up to 20% of your final grade". WTF is up to? 1%? 3%? 19.99%? Just say la exactly how much so I know right! So I can calculate to see if I can keng the paper or I really need to be Einstein to achieve a pass grade.

The gripes I have with this school. Not over yet, will post on the dumb fuck administration in a while and of course the ubiquitous Student Union. Rajini should be Union Leader la, at least we'll have better welfare.

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