I'm still enamoured with football firms, aka hooligans. Their preparation is fantastic, they all have monikers, some are even affiliated politically. And the best firm in London is? CHELSEA CHELSEA!

Another brief outline:

A football firm is an organized gang that engage in fights with firms supporting other clubs. The fights mostly take place far away from the football grounds to make it as hard as possible for police and other law enforcement to interrupt. Football firm violence has in many countries replaced the more unorganized violence related to sports.

To avoid attracting the attention of police, many UK hooligans began to wear expensive European designer clothing in the .Designers popular with UK football firms include Abercrombie and Fitch, Burberry and Lacoste.

Coupla Firms you'd love to know:

1. Arsenal - The Herd [Shit football, shit firm]
2. Manchester United - Men In Black [Blardy ironic right?]

3. Liverpool - Urchins [Mwhahhahahahhaha!]

3. Chelsea - Headhunters

Also affiliated with white supremacist orgs like the Ku Klux Klan. Most famous Chelsea thug ever was "Babs" who was black. WTF! a Black white supremacist. Fugger's brain got fried in the fish n chips shop i guess. Current head is "Nightmare". His calling card, "It's the Nightmare calling - are you boys ready?"

And, the more zany names:

1. Birmingham - Zulu Warriors
2. Leicester - Baby Squad
3. Portsmouth - 6:57 Crew

I'm inspired. What say we start a firm for Home United call it the Bishan Buffoons. Or maybe, Tampines since they the champs. Call it The Stag Elite.
Meanwhile, we'll make a tee first, every firm needs identification. How bout this one?

CSKA's firm

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