I just caught this movie starring Jessica Alba as some dance choreographer, called Honey. And what a solid show it was. I is a sucker for ghetto rags to riches stories, or "lean on me" trials and tribulations.

And of course I caught it on my brand new TVU player. This is some cool program, there are loads of these programs out there actually, but I use this cos I only need HBO. Basically you watch cable channels on your computer for FREE! How cool is that!

Credit to Kokku for introducing it to me during the World Cup season, though the commentary in Chinese sounded a lot like my ah pek, the perennially drunk one, at my coffeeshop. To download, click HERE.

And if you do have the chance to catch Honey, just skip it all, to the portion just before the credits and watch 2 solid minutes of some excellent dance work. Super duper impressed. Lil Bow Wow, Ginuwine, Missy Elliot all have cameos to play in this flick. I rate it GOOD.

"Well, there's only one world - the real world - and in that world if a man takes a woman out on a Friday night in her hooker heels and she can't bring her homegirl, he tryin' to get some booty."

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