Shit hits the Fan

The proverbial shit has hit the fan. I feel real real shitty now. Lack of sleep, lack of peace, lack of sex, lack of general comfort. It's one of those stages where everything is in the doldrums going bom bom bom african tribal beat like.

School is a massive waste of time. Not to mention, my application to overload has been rejected. Yeah right, like just because I'm asking for 2 more subjects, more with no-exams [i.e. project based] and are cock titled like "Humour in management" and "Effective Personal Comms", the Dean feels I'm a gonna screw the rest of the core subjects.

Best part, to make my "magic" timetable, I could only register 4 of the 7. Now, I gotta wait for school to reopen before attempting to register the other 3. A magic timetable, is one that when planned properly, given that all lectures are skipped, you will have at least 2-3 days off a week. My current plan gives me 3 days off. I only need be in the institution on wednesdays and thursdays. Ah, the sweet smell of beating the system.

Work has taken a whole different note. Where there was peace and ease and general relaxation. Now, there is a hard and fast boss, disgruntled employees and a blur cock of an apprentice. Even sitting my ass in office is a pain. I am quite worried I won't be able to last the month before doing some crap or the other.

Leisurewise, it seems the only 2 clubs I ever see these days is CM and N9. Both of which not really my favourite places in the whole wide world. I guess, when you get to the level of not having to pay to go in, where everyone knows your name, and the bartender, DJ , owner, barmaids, general populace are chummy with you, it can get weary after a while. Like where's the excitement? Nothing new ever happens. Shah is beginning to piss me off with his song selections these days, I can just about predict the next song already. Do you guys remember the same pattern at the old CM? Where you can just name the next song to be played?

Is it I gotta be there on Saturday for RT's thang. Still in deep thought over that. I might come and I might not. We'll see. I'm feeling real sick. And since it's a soccer day, well hopefully, I can just chill at the bar staring glazy eyed at the screen.

A gentle reminder. I am not the type to come and say hi. If you think you know me, do the necessary. If you don't, I also don't give a fuck. However, don't expect niceties in future. I is not your selective acknowledgement person. Either you do or you don't. Simple as that.

For now, Scary Movie 4 just about is entertaining my late night. Later, it will be Fortune magazine. And in the morning, I gotta go give a presentation for my championship website overhaul. Why ask me to work a webbie? I barely know HTML to save my life. What litle I know, I've already used up attempting to design this blog of mine. Just let me do the design la. I say, I want it this way. Some prick goes and does it for me. The first choice prick should be Edison cos he was the one who set up the page in the first place. But alas, tomorrow is his last day. Even sponsoring him a heavy KFC 3 pc chicken meal hasn't quashed his anger and pettiness with me. Haiz. I hate it when friendships end over a single episode and not because of long drawn irritations. The latter seems more worth it.


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