Registration Woes

I put it up so there will be zero confusion in future. Stop asking me, how many years I have till I graduate, what I'm studying, what the fuck's going on in school. I seriously have no fucking clue. As you can see from my beautiful statistics.

Years fucked up and gone by: 3
Year I should graduate: July 2007
Year I probaby will: July 2010 [Must take advantage of the full 7 years allowed for me to clear my degree ma]
Probability that I need to fuck up just one more semester to be thrown out of school: 100% +/- 5%

And other meaningful(less) stats for your perusal.

Number of times I've already thought about quitting school: 5,839,764
Number of people who have constantly asked me not to: 54 and counting
Number of fucknuts I've already met in school: 400 and it can only go up
Number of canteen stalls I actually eat at: 1
Number of times the Macdonald's employee has provided me with a big cup chock full of ice so we can have our daily swig of vodka: 15
Number of vodka bottles consumed: 15
Number of semesters I was in hall: 2
Number of girlfriends I've had in the same time period: 2
Number of girls I think I've bonked in school: 0
Number of girls U think I've bonked in school: 20 and the rumour mill keeps spinning
Number of sane NIE people I've met: 1, and she looks sane with her clothes off too
Number of NIE people who are actually friends of mine: 12
Number of cigs I go through a day in school: 20
Number of cigs consumed during lunch break alone: 10
Number of idiot professors I've met in my lifetime: 50
Number of idiot professors who KNOW they're idiots: 3
Number of professors I'd have loved to bonk: 1
Number of fellow partners of the 7 year degree programme: 4
Number of them who are Indian: 1, me.
Number of people who actually think I have some substance in my noggin: [subjective]
Number of people who now realize I have none: [whatever number comes under subjective]
Number of jobs I've held since Day 1 of school back in 2003: 8
Number of jobs that I've skipped school to go for: 8
Number of MCs taken to cover missed quizzes/labs/exams: 23
Number of MCs taken by telling the doc I was nursing a hangover: 1 [yes, its possible]
Number of people in NTU Medical Centre on an average day taking MC: 100

Number of those people who are actually sick: 3

Number of times "Dailamo Dailamo" has looped since the typing of this post: 30++

Dailamo dailamo daila daila dailamo [Dynamo Washing Powder?]

Kalailaeki rathrimael kadhalaen [Why the morning love the night]
Thikuchiku thani maele kadhalaen [Why the matchstick love the water]
So Ek basker yennodae lovee kabhar [Any idea anyone?]

Amerika niyana afghanistan nanana? [You america, I afghanistan]
Kalyanam Entha ooru kooru...? [Get married in which country]

Un ooru O.K. thaan enga oorum oktan [Your place also ok, mine also ok]
Binladen enna sollran Paaru.. [See how, Bin Laden say what first]

Unmelai pithu pithu pithu pithu [Mad about you]
Noitheera muttu muttu muttu muttu [Sick with pearls]

Kadhalum see poddanum jetu vegathil vaa... [faster come the Jet for Love]

Sri Lanka neeyana LTTE nanana?
Ayoyo vaaiya konja moodu... [Shut up, bitch!]

DMK nee anaa ADMK nanana?
Kottaiyilleh namma veetai podu... [Put our house in the fort]

Vaaimelea ichu ichu ichu... [On the mouth, itchy]
Thadanee nachu nachu nachu..[Give me kiss]
Kanjamaadu kambula Paayurathapole.. [Bull rushing like that]

You got all that? Ok. Hope you did. I also fuck care. Love the beat.

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