Luo Han

Maybe, the whole brouhaha bout Luo Hans being able to pick 4D numbers, and are good for feng shui wasn't so overhyped after all.

No, I didn't strike this weekend nor experience a flood of good wealth. But, I am now convinced that Luo Han in particular possess some kinda 6th sense. They just know what is going around in their surroundings and their human masters by giving that same blurred up swimming round the tank cock face. Sidling up to the glass, I think they put their non-visible ears to good use. Remember all those detective movies, where the CID bloke, puts a glass to the wall to eavesdrop clearly?

Scene 1

One of my guys has this huge ass luo han in his office. He is on the 5th floor. He's those kinda mofo who buys 4D but only checks it a month later. I'm the type that refreshes the webpage from 630pm onward on draw days to get the first glimpse. So, one fine day he tells me at the smoking point that he has struck a starter prize. I ask for my treat. I get it. His colleagues ask for their treat. They got it. His wife asked for her treat. She got it. Everyone cept the fish.

The next day, the pump in the fish tank broke down. We have since decided that the aquatic psychic is also asking for it's treat. So, a new pump was bought. And we don't expect it to break down again, at least till the next time he strikes.

Scene 2

My neighbour managed to procure a big ass fish tank. This is really really big ass. So much so, that I asked him if Underwater World was closing down and he got it off a cheap clearance sale. So, the tank sat outside his house for a full week. Waiting to be cleaned. He kept procastinating. Wednesday became Friday (went drinking) became Saturday (went drinking) became Sunday.

It HAD to be Sunday. The water pump broke down in the original fish tank on Saturday night. We could wait. The fish couldn't! Thus, the 6th sense theory is reaffirmed.

Now, I can figure why my mum freaked when my luo han died. See, I used to own 3. We named them Lazy Bones (me), Rage (my middle brother, the name says it all) and Plue (some lame ass anime doggie from a popular series at that time). So, yeah, 3 brothers. 3 fish.

And each one of us really sayanged their respective fish. ONLY their respective fish. Rage kept butting heads on his partitions always looking for a fight. Plue being fuckin small, managed to accidentally swim into Rage's column from time to time and had to be saved by his 'master' Arul. Lazy Bones couldn't give a fuck to anything. He wouldn't even work hard for food. He's the kinda lazy mofo who will wait for the food pellets to be water logged and sink to the bottom rather than swim to the surface to get them.

And so time went on, till one day. My mum found Lazy Bones dead. He had unwittingly stuck himself between the filter pump and the wall and was too lazy to wriggle the fuck outa the way. He died. I was out that night. Another drunken binge. Imagine my horror when my mum calls me 40 over times trying to get me. And when she did, she insisted I return home immediately claiming that since each fish was "linked" to each of her sons, the death of one means somethings gonna happen to me.

I didn't go home though. Neither did I die. But, the next time this happens, I'm definitely on the next cab home. Sometimes, coincidences are just not coincidences.


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