Vorpal Sword

And thus the do or die passed on with a "do". I left the house with a very heavy heart and a half filled stomach of good Chivas [Yes, I have entered the non-descript degenerate realm of Tekka pubbing now, I'm sariiii]. A damn load on my chest since Friday when I realized the P-man has really gone overboard this time. Complaining to the NEW boss AND the OLD boss in one single day. Impudence. So, after 2 hours of sleep, almost 2 la, 0530 to 0700, I is changed and ran for office wondering if I am gonna be back home sleeping at 6 in the evening or spending it doing check in proceedings at a very reputed detention place [read: jail-like].

Credit to me, I did inform my mum though. Apart from the countless nights out where I've told her to just not call me when I'm halfway through my Chivas, I think she at least deserved to know, I might be kissing a cold cell floor by the time the sun goes down. How come parents show concern when they don't have to, and when you'd like them to, they just say mundane things like "Is it? Ok, take care ah, need taxi fare for work?"

Oh well. So, I go in, and the place is empty save for P-man. I was wondering why that Edison boy didnt ask me where I was, and then the truth unfolded like a fuckin bad dream that goes on while you're still conscious. Mind you, I really wasn't in the mood to handle petty "Why you never come that day, play me out, I the only one here you know, KNNBCCB, I hate people who play me out, blah blah blah". I tried not to let the whiskey kick in though. So, I apologized for not informing him earlier that I'm not in on Friday, just 10 minutes earlier and the clown wouldn't have stepped into office and wasted his entire day with me and ML not around. Oh well, I wanna see how this lasts. I didn't rape your girlfriend right, you mofo, sulk all you want, I really wasn't in the mood. You got the fuckin apology from me summore. Plus, I told you we treat each other like brothers not as colleagues, and if you just don't get how that relationship works, then I really can't help you. Good luck in your future endeavours.

So, both my bosses walk in at 11- ish. The new one goes, "So you are Shanker". The old one says "Sit sit I want to do briefing". And then, life goes on. Talk bout work related stuff finish, the new one left for somewhere, the old one was clearing overdue emails. Since I am an impatient fucker, I skipped lunch to have some alone time with ma "godfather". Lo and behold, apparently, my godfather saved my ass when I wasn't around. See, sucking up is good. Just tell a man from time to time when to put ball, when to eat ball, which scoreline looks very good, and he will save your arse when the time comes. Also, an unsung hero has popped out from the woodwork. Never expected her to be the lynchpin in this entire "Let's not be petty losers" fiasco. So, for that Rosalind, my thanks. You didn't have to. But you did. To my boss, "ah better, this is what I expect out of a godfather".

So, now I is in the clear. Nothing can be dredged up anymore. Even if the P-man goes through another psychological relapse. Which he nearly did today. See, the fucker now finds it so uncomfortable to sit in the office with me around, so he moves to another place, citing a lack of computer resources as his reason. Well better still. I was thinking of practising my half cocked head menacing stare routine this morning. And his wife keeps calling and calling and calling the office phone looking for him. People not in, I just say not in lor. How, I know the lady got some medical issue need her mofo hubby who carries a handphone just to switch it off in the office to fetch her to the hospital. Is it if it's so serious you can just go yourself? Especially when the soda-bottle blathering idiot is prolly skiving elsewhere?

So, our friend ONLY realizes his wife is in desperate need of him at about 5 in the evening. Talk about a man there for you when you need him most. And then from 5 to 530 while lobbying for half day leave tomorrow to send his sickly spouse to the hospital, the P-man and my boss get into a massive stand off. I was glad. I practically was grinning from ear to ear when I ushered Edi and ML out to get to the smoking point. I have no idea if the fucker got what he wanted, but I saw him at 545 relogging into the system. Someone has OT! Mwahahahhahhahaha.

If you thought this saga is now over and I shan't diss the "P" no more. Haha. This is just the beginning. Now, my platform is secure. It's exactly 30 days and counting for me to leave, and boy am I going to give him a celebration for the great life he leads. Now, we lie. Awaiting in the Serengeti, where the antelope run free and wild and get caught somehow with teeth through their neck, blood spattering. Picking off the spoils, fighting off vultures. Yum!

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