Is it?


Is it that my bed still smells of your perfume, but I'm too lazy to put the duvet in the laundry?

Is it that my mum can come up with the cheesiest lines of the century and yet make me feel at ease and wanted at the same instant?

Is it that I am becoming very anti-computer now?

Is it that it's cos, everytime I sit down at the keyboard, my phone rings, or I feel sleepy, or I'm overwhelmed by whatever I am thinking of that I jus "switch off"?

Is it that I feel so sian, that even a Friday and Sunday of drinking [Saturday I was asleep like a newborn babe, thank you], can't put me straight?

Is it that I is running out of boxers, and my briefs got stolen?

Is it that the alleged criminal lives in my house, and I have yet to find them although the total floor space is only about 200 square feet?

Is it that we have converted to the metric system way long back, but we still use feet with regards to aviation, housing and hardware supplies?


Is it that I have out-Ped the P man?

Is it that even though he was on leave for about 15 days, he came back in the evenings on approximately 5 days just to clear his work?

Is it that the order to come back was due to me having some "tactical" discussions with my Boss?

Is it that if you is touch me once I will touch you thrice?

Is it that drinking in camp is soo much better than drinking at a club?

Reason: Duty free beer at $1.30 a can
No one picks a fight with me, cos I outrank them
Someone always sends me back

Is it that I am now even more fond of her than ever before, cos she has this special way of showing concern that I've rarely seen?

Is it that if she aint at work, I feel one kind, and vice versa?

Is it that I only have 10 working days left?

Is it that of the 10 days, I still have 1.5 days of leave, making it 8.5 working days?

Is it that I'd much rather work than return to that graveyard called NTU?

Is it that no matter what I still got to go back on the 7th August, just for the next day to be a half day and the next to be a public holiday?


Is it that I'm losing my touch with alcohol? Tiger tastes like water? Bourbon is like chin chao?

Is it that Shamini says I smile like a Cheshire Cat when I'm fucking high?

Is it that next time all i gotta do not to antagonize the common public is to get fucking high? Not halfway high, not tipsy but fucking high?

Is it that to get there, my wallet experiences at least a 200 dollar deficit?

Is it that just to tahan the bloody NUS roadshow, I had to imbibe around 10 bottles of beer by myself?

Is it that still the joy of watching my dahlin RT dance was worth it?

Is it that darling Kala was such good company and provided good gossip in the later half?

Is it that I think I have a soft spot for all mallu kuttis?

Is it the "sevetha pillai" syndrome?

Is it that 925 sambal chicken fried rice is by far the one and only meal that can make me happy, less all the oil, on a good drinking night?

Is it that BABA counting started, and I got back home in the stipulated 15 mins, but my tainted lover was no where to be found?


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