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What I received in the email of late [after at least one month of email exchanges on where a book I apparently have returned has gone the way of the Phanthom of the Opera]:

Dear Mr Shanker,

We have checked and quite certain that you have dropped five instead of six books into the book bin on 2 May 06. We believed that the following book has not been returned. Thus if the book is considered lost, a charge of the replacement price will be created to your account. We have checked the replacement price and the cost of replacing the item is as follows:

Title: Businessplan.com : how to write an ecommerce business plan /
Call Number: HD30.28.R824 /id:J277513
Cost of book $31.80 plus $1.60 (5%gst) =$33.40
Processing fee $20.00 plus $1.00 (5%gst) = $21.00
Overdue fine: $1.80
Total: $56.20

Currently your account has the accumulated fines of $9.00, including the above sum, the total amount owed will be $(56.20 + 9.00) = $65.20. We may have to impose the above charges if the book cannot be found at your end and return by 03 Aug 06.

Thank you and Regards.

Is it that I love to langgar with administrative staff or love to tap out emails and penalize poor students because their fuckin cock eyed librarians probably dropped the same book down the recycling bin accidentally?

The reply:

Dear Ms. Gan,

1. I don't see how you could be certain that I had only returned five books unless there is some kind of CCTV recording of the actual event taking place.

2. I remain certain that all 6 books were returned at the book drop, as it is impossible
that the book is still at my end.

3. The cost of the book was computed using 5% GST. If I recall correctly, 5% GST only came into effect on 1 Jan 2004, and was 4% from 1 Jan 2003 and was 3% before that for many years. Could I check on why I would have to pay 5% GST on a book that was definitely purchased before 2003 based on my recollection.

4. Can I also check why the processing fee is at $20? What is the justification of charging so much money for some computerized processing?

5. In conclusion, I'd like to reiterate that I definitely have returned the book and thus if I am still charged for the replacement of the said book, I will have to strongly object on moral grounds for having to financially compensate the library for an action I didn't commit.


Is it it is going to be a magical opening to school? Next up, Financial Office. Oh, I love the power of email. Contactless contact. Big up!

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