Photo Whoring

High on cheese prata and mee goreng mata lembu and some hot teh tarik, the potentials for the new Elite model search. Booya! And RT still doesn't have a photo with me. Wahahahahahahaha.

And I like my shirt. It's my dads. But heck it. I make it look good. The 2 big sisters to nag and judge and scold and make any day a fun day, that any man needs. Skanty, Skanky and Rita.

And I got a funny story to relate. A friend of mine got banned from a club I frequent. This is the brilliant bit. He wasn't fighting, he didn't wreck property, he wasn't downright rude and obnoxious. In his drunken stupour however, he managed to whisk the cue ball of the pool table into his jeans pocket only to discover the next morning.

So, he decided to be very honest and call the manager back and explain what happened. The manager, who till then had no clue where it went, now had a clue, and promptly banned him. Hahahahahahahahahaha. Story wouldn't have been so goddamn hilarious had the guy not been 30 fuckin 6 years old.

So, of course the usual round of talks went by. Attempting to sidestep the entire issue and get him unbanned cos if not, the whole lot of us is probably gonna stop visiting the place and dumping our money there. And this is where more funny bits set in. After adamantly going "No, no, no!" to each of our pleas, and trust me we DO have a lot of people to go launch our appeals for, the manager comes to me and goes "You guys shouldn't get pissed with me ok? It's not my fault". Polite as I am. I go "No, no, no issue, whats done is done, just gimme a time period for him to get unbanned".

I think mine was perhaps the longest ban in the entire group. 2 solid months I was shut out. But who cared? I clubbed at the very next joint just to show my presence.

Oh well. I find this issue of getting banned very hilarious anyhow. Is it that clubs think they are the only one in existence and nowhere else is beer or liquor or women served up in a platter. It's all about the dough, Joe. Get that into ya heads. What you need is loyalty. Do this more la, we'll be as loyal as an Iraqi to the alleged Weapons of Mass Destruction's location.


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