Destination Hari Raya

It's amazing how Malay blokes keep their houses. All neat and nice and painted and cozy looking and just well, tiptop and beautiful. Although, I feel the main crux of this feeling lies with walls painted with yellowish tinges and yellow lighting. Yellow = Warmth. Nuff said.

Yet, upon return from my journeys today and giving the above para as a compliment to my Malay friend online, the response I got was: "Yeah, sure got nice big LCD TV right, but where is the computer in the house for their kid to do work with?". It got me thinking. Much.

I once was asked by someone who I later labelled as just another ignorant Singaporean, "Your stories about that mat in school, I didn't know universities got Malays". Wot a dumb statement to make. Malays not only outnumber the other minorities in local varsities but they also regularly score top honours by getting into Dean's Lists or accomplishing other achievements in academic and sporting competitions. I get pretty perturbed by the whole stereotypical, IF you're Malay then you gotta be poor, lazy and a druggie.

When I went visiting today, I didn't see poor. I saw economical. I didn't see lazy. I saw hardworking upkeep of their humble abodes. The drugs I did see: Fuckin mind blowing RENDANG, dum briyani, shish kebabs and juicy succulent cheeeeecken!

Stereotypes are such a pain in the arse. Especially when your performance is glowing compared to the ones who stereotype you. I think its downright daft.

Also, talking about glowing performances. I received some praise and credit today for some quality work done. This work had been sitting with me for the past 2 weeks. Yes, 2 weeks. At any given time, you feel the most shiok when you rush through something, work under intense deadline pressure and deliver the goods. I know it's wrong to work this way. But heck, I love the adrenaline rush. Watching the computer time changing from 1 to 2 to 5 am and then hitting the "send" button on my e-mail.

Any Ajax fans in the house? My cousin wants to flog off his Ajax Original 2006/07 Home Jersey for around $70. It cost him $99 at the shop but he decided to dump it and lust after a Man Utd Jersey instead. What can I say, with Diwali ang-pows comparative purchasing power.

And just an observation on artistic license and science:

Bengal Tigers do NOT pounce about in the snow. And I doubt you'd find two hunting the same prey.

Ranga. Freak of nature. My best friend's dog. Sold to us as a Jack Russell. Grew to gigantic proportions due to his pariah genes. Growth could also be because he's a briyani gourmet. He'll play punk with you if he eats anything else. Serves as a punching bag when needed. When he was young, he tried to hump us all. Now, he just hangs around waiting to be fed. The terror of the neighbourhood. When he goes down to pee, the rest of the puny, pure breeds scurry home fast. Yet, for all his beastliness and his Anjadi name, he wears a 50 cent red pottu Bathrakali style. Androgyny rules. Period.


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