Glossary - Violence

From time to time, I understand that some of what I spew, none of you understand. At least those who are not in the inside loop. Well, so I need to establish a glossary now.

The word for the day is VIOLENCE.
Aaaaaaaaah, Aaaaaaaaaah, Aaaaaaaaah...

Now, apart from its actual definition, how do you use this term in day-to-day Ah Neh speak? Simple. View these following examples.

When eating a particularly chilli hot mee goreng:
You say: Anneh! Your mee goreng fuckin violence man!

When viewing a very exhorbitantly priced consumer item:
You say: Wah. This price a bit violence ah?

When you hear a story that is really beyond belief:
You say: Serious?!!? Violence also the fella.

When you DO view violence in reality:
You say: Machi, ponna violence dei that night.

When Prethika tells you the PSI is 143 and she says "Madness!":
You say: Hmm. Violence ah!

Basically, Violence is used whenever you need to make an exclamation and you'd rather not use that oh-so-versatile term, Fuck. Also use the term when someone other than yourself in the group KNOWS how to use the term too, so it can maintained as an inside joke.

Geddit? Now you got it. I hope. Or this is pretty violence too.


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