After walking to the kitchen and realizing my wrists feel sore enough NOT to twist open the coffee powder lid and make myself a cuppa, I proceed to my youngest.

Me: Make me a coffee lei. You know when you make it, it tastes lagi delicious right?
He: Is it? I studying la tomorrow got exams.
Me: Make la. So simple only. Please?
He: Hmmm. [wakes up walks to the door] you wait right there I got something interesting to show you.
Me: What?

Door gets promptly slammed and locked. I make my own coffee this time round. But you can't con me with the same trick twice mofo! I ask through the door:

Me: Where's amma?
He: Dental?
HE: Deeeeeeentttttaaaaaaaaaaal.
Me: Too much ah you, say amma is a Mental.

No prizes for guessing what happened when mummy dearest reached home. *Grin*

Many hours back in the afternoon:

Vik: Dey, I'm running a another hoax [gives details]
Me: Uh huh, but sounds funny lei. You sure YOU not the butt of this hoax?
Vik: Anyway you sound one kind.
Me: Stomach pain again la. Like something kicking from inside. I think I'm impregnated with the child of Satan, the 666.
Vik: Must be Selven la inside then.
Me: Yeah boy, sekali born got leather wristband, NIN tee shirt and all.
Vik: Yeah, Child of Satan WITH ACCESSORIES!
Me: Hahahahahahahhahaa. [In my thoughts: You're so dead mofo, I'm a gonna blog this]


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