The week is like travelling on fast forward. If not, for my trusty wall calendar. Yes, I made my own to mark the days till exams. Apparently, I was supposed to fill up what to study on what days, but that has gone with the wind. The only thing useful I do with it is crossing the days religiously. I don't know, I like crossing things out.

CV's brother got in touch with me on MSN through his schoolmate who knew how to reach me through here or KLKillahs. He has asked graciously for me to help inform all NTU mates that CV has an online obituary site set up where friends can pen their tribute to him and even make a donation through the means there.

You can access the Cheeky Vicky's online obituary page HERE. Prayer arrangments are also listed on one of the tabs. His Karumathi Pooja is tonight at his place, whereas the Athma Shanthi Pooja at Manmatha Temple is tomorrow as I've blogged before.

As part of the KLKillah Projects, we aim to provide annathaanam to the kids at Ramakrishnan Mission Boys' Home and have been selling 2 decorative Ganesha plates to garner funding. You can view the plates here with a writeup of how the Project is gonna be run, HERE.

I've tried to do my utmost best as like the rest of the KLKillahs and approached almost all the Indians I know on my contact list. But some responses were classic and I definitely need you to hear them:

1. Urmz, I'm not into God things. [Right, like I asked you to garland it with flowers and light a coupla incense sticks and pray to a PLATE]

2. My father is against charity. [Many people are against many things. Poverty, stupidity, gluttony to name a few. But this was a first for me.]

3. If you're doing this for charity, where's your pass? [And here I thought good hearts were all you needed]

4. How do I know it's really going to charity? [I did want to take your particulars so we can inform you but you believe that even an email address was TOO probing. What can I say, we'll document it on KLKillahs for all to see. Which other blog do you see doing this kinda thang anyway?]

5. Ok, so I get one right. Then, you say you gimme the next one at a discount? So, urmz why can't the first one AND the second one be at a discount? [See, mofo, if you had passed primary school mathematics you would have realized that when you get a disc on the 2nd it spreads across the board to the first. AAAARGH!]

I think I was much better off selling roll-on perfume sticks [fake tho] along Orchard Emerald. At least you can net telephone numbers offa them.

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