Number 607

I'm utterly shocked. It seems in such a short span of time I've gone through 606 posts. The number looked a tad bit Satanic with the lack of just one arc so I've decided to play 607 safe. This time I don't write.

Instead, there has been a friend of ours who has remained dormant for quite sometime and is quite on the roll these days. I seldom have the heart to read through multiple posts of people preferring to read the latest and skim the rest. It's about discipline I say, really faithfully checking back each day. Cos, some blokes just don't update. Those who are guilty of this put up ye hands. And to those who simply skim thru mine. Good job. Now move along.

Praba has come up with some good shit lately. Though moving away from his rhyming roots, this toot cracks me up. Hope he does the same for you.

Read about his woes with his mummy HERE. My fav was "She digs up matters about finance. (Finance which was once there but has been turned into past tense becoz of you.)"

His self-immolation or self-praise HERE. "The only classes I was regular at were detention classes."

Glossary of Hokkien terminology HERE. And for a fitting finale, his comeback post on his newly found P.H.D. status HERE.

There, publicity done. Keep up the good work kiddo. But please, PLEASE learn how to paragraph and not to type with left justification. And white letters on black background, when my Nvidia graphics card's fan has stopped working and I'm working with an integrated solution, is hell multiplied by 666.


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