Have you ever met a taxi driver who was an astrologer? I've met tons. But today's one was just urm a tad too true to believe. But I did anyway. To think, he didn't even need my birthday or birth time like how the normal astrology works. He purely based his observations on birth years.

He was a Chinese guy so he asked the birth years of all my family. So that was 51, 59, 82, 86 and 91. Which translated to Rabbit, Pig, Dog, Tiger, Goat to him. And then he started his speech. Man, I was floored. To think, he could figure all that out through just animal-relationships.

He did get one thing wrong though. Everything he described that I would feel with my middle brother was in fact totally opposite to whatever I would feel to my youngest. So, in reality it was swapped. He had got that wrong. Still he got the material facts right.

So, I ventured further to tell him my dream last night. That I had struck 4D 3rd Prize and the same number "rolled" had struct a Consolation too. Immediately he investigated. But alas, since I can't remember the number, nor the draw in which I had took the number, we were both left thinking it might not come true after all.

Still, he gave me a 50% chance it might be true and his personal feeling was that it would be my IC number. What the hell. Let's splurge tomorrow and Sunday then. See, if anything good comes out of it. Not everyday you sit in a cab of some Vietnamese boatman goatee having Chinese man who just HAPPENS to know the inner workings of your family.

He couldn't do much about my second dream though cos he said there weren't enough details remembered to confirm his deductions. Yes, I had slept so long and hard, I had multiple dreams but only remembered this one. In my second dream, I went to take a piss and at first my urine was white. I realized I had more to deposit and this time it was a bright yellow. Then, I was done. But I realized I still had more. This time, my piss was blood red! Appalled I left the bathroom.

Moral of the story: Don't sleep too much. Or sleep only after whacking 2 cans of stout. Either way, whatever you dream, make sure you remember it. Someone could be prodding you on the way to earn your quick million.


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