I am officially sequestered in solitude. So many things I'd like to write here to make up for the past three days but heck I guess I'll just go about the random off-tangentness that I'm used to. Of course, the phrase KNN will be littered throughout for the benefit of making it all the more authentic.

Exams are in 21 days. That's 3 weeks exactly. To all the mofos who have just decided to be "helpful" and put a countdown up in your MSN nicks, don't. It is really painful and misleading when your countdown isn't really my countdown. If you wanted to succeed to stress the hell outa all and sundry, you've got there. But it's not a good thing. I've ranked you next to "Wah, the paper i think I gonna fail, yet I got an A" blokes and "No la bro, I never study at all, yet I got an A" blokes.

The main draw of the weekend was a call from a not unknown semi-celebrity. Semi in the sense that it is in fact infamy not celebrity that led to the famous status, and the call to me. The next tale was supposed to be only for KLKillah consumption via a mass e-mail, but I think it's much easier to publish it for one and all.

With regards to a post over at KLKillahs called Scandal, the uproar that followed was phenomenal. It was actually the most commented on post we've ever put up. On our part of course, we took a floating rumour and the relevant sound clip that came with it and put it to everyone else's prerogative on how they'd like to view it. In fact, a kind soul also caught in the heat of excitement even transcripted the clip for us. So, though we didn't name any of the participants of said story, the general KLKlan still inferred what they wanted to and ran riot with the story. Thus, one of the affected parties, was affected enough to actually send me an e-mail wanting to speak to me about this. This e-mail alas went to the murky depths of the junk folder never to reach my eyes.

Thus, I got a call and this was what transpired. Not entirely word-for-word but I try my best to summarize:

1. That the story is baseless and untrue and that she was in fact hounded with prank callers and also her producer was quite ticked off enough to raise his concerns.

2. That her marriage was in fact a happy one, but the outbreak of this hoo haa is now putting a strain on it though she still has absolute trust from her husband.

3. That she and other party in the story were in fact still working together and it is not uncommon to see them outside together, but in no way they were intimate in nature.

4. That it looks like a well planned plot to smear hers and his reputations by an unsatisfied female. That this female actually tried to get a big enough platform to let this story let rip and finally chanced upon us and thus we were the victims of a con job.

5. That she had spoken to a coupla authorities and they all are in the loop.

6. That in no way does she blame us for anything that has happened because in the first place there are no legal implications on our part and the idea is just to catch the evil female to serve a coupla court suits on her.

So, after listening to all these sob stories I was a bit perturbed as to why I needed to hear them in the first place. So, I asked her, a question I've put to many a female along the years: "What is it that you want out of me?"

Her reply? "Delete the post". This got me very very pissed off indeed. So, I lashed out stating that in no way did she have any right whatsoever to demand a deletion of said post or what not because the site didn't belong to her. If she wants to legally find respite she may do so. And, I reiterated this nirvanic stance of Freedom of Speech. I mean seriously, today you, tomorrow one of the characters in Miss V, where will this stop? Why the fuck am I running an objective site of local Yindian happenings when I might as well subject myself to the same censored propaganda-ish style of The Straits Times, Today and other mainstream reads. Like Nal, put it, "it's like the Ministers need to tell something to the people but they don't do it straight, Today does it for them". Of course this quote was for a totally different topic, yet it applies here too.

Now, affected female gets off her agressive demeanour and gets ultra-polite. I am a sucka for politeness. I mean who doesn't like being treated like a worthy human? So, at the end of her polite version of her sob stories. I did agree to a compromise. Don't blame me, as I said, I'm a sucka. My concession thus was that the matter ends here. Which rightfully it should. Since, with every next post, people don't really care about the past ones unless they're out for a vendetta. My concession was to let the post and comments end there. That what has been said and done, remains. But any future comments on this post will be deleted.

This might look like I'm giving in to a complainant who had no right to do so in the first place, but I feel sometimes to compromise leads to more inroads. It's not like I gave up a whole lot. In fact, for the past week there have been zero new comments on that post at all. What is there to delete? I think I've negotiated something I can live with, cos I don't have to do anything at all about it.

The conversation ended in pleasantries and I told her to gimme a call if she ever has an issue again. But I was curious as to how she got my number in the first place, and even before that my e-mail address since she claimed the first time she accessed the site was just 2 days back. To this she replied, "Oh I got it from a friend who got it from someone who insisted that his name not be known". What am I, a 15 yr old school girl whom you're tryin to tackle with a phone number you ripped off your friend's phone and now are giving me lines like I used to give when I was that age? So, I asked, "Must be Mediacorp fellas right". She replied in the affirmative. I ended the conversation with "Theriyumeh, intha maathiri musang velai yellam ivanunga thaan seivaanga". [Translation: I know what these fuckers only will do this kinda sneaky things]

Thus, the story concludes. I hope you can read it here and not need to ask me to repeat it word for word again. It's getting tiring. Also, to one and all, like the Miss V run, this is totally something I'm bored with. Tada kick la! So, I'd appreciate it if you weren't an ignorant buffoon and just went over to KLKillahs to read it for yourself and not attempt to make me make you understand the intricacies of every relationship entwined in that tale.

Rounding up the rest of the weekend. I am quite happy and got a wake up call at the same time. Happy that I think I've found good company though it seemed like an unlikely source. *Grin* Wake-up call was when I've never realized why people get irritated that I joke about anything and everything. That I can never be serious about anything, though in actuality I am. Well, I've seen it first hand on what it feels like to communicate with a 24 hour joker. And it does get on your nerves. An eye opener indeed.


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