Sparked by some random conversation with Nal in the morning, following which I dissapeared. 2 Sausage McMuffins with Egg, 2 Hashbrowns and 1 egg 2 kosong pratas can make a man very sleepy indeed, especially when he's been up all night.

I'm always curious if people actually are aware of their talents. Maybe those who are inclined towards the arts are much more aware of what they can do at a younger age than most of us. This is probably also because, most "talents" will never be brought to light without proper nurturing and immersing in that particular environment and industry.

I realize I have a talent for sales. Direct sales. Manning a booth, walking into your office to flog you some merchandise, or doing the 2 for 10 dollar pitches at every single table in the coffeeshop. You must have encountered these blokes at one point of time in your life or the other. Well, I'm quite good at that. Even the most gruff ah pek I don't mind asking in Hokkien: "Ai mai ah chek? Neng eh chup khor!" [want or not uncle? 2 for 10 bucks]. Through time and space, I realize it's the most unlikely buyers that give you the best sales because they end up buying multiple items.

Alas, I know I'm good at this. But, I totally hate it. Ask any sales personnel, even if they make 200 sales a day, every single sale gives them a shiok. This shiok is indescribable. It's more of a triumph. A "Aha! Now I've conned you mofo!" feeling we get. I used to have those, back at 13, but now at 24 or rather, I realized this at 15, I hate doing sales. Though it's something I'm good at.

So, I investigated why, or rather what monetary benefit I could use this particular phenomenon to derive. Nal suggested that maybe I'm a good sales manager, instead of a salesman. But don't sales managers sell too? And motivate? And tell you funny catch phrases like "JUICE buddy!". JUICE is a prevalent term in companies specializing in door-to-door sales, which mostly are ripped off pirated goods. JUICE = Join Us In Conning Everybody.

So, how do you motivate someone else to go out and there and do something you hate though you do it effortlessly. I kid you not. I hate it to the point of approaching the customer and then some alternate being takes over and I make the pitch. I know how to watch for "die die wont buy" customers and how to watch for "convince me more la" customers and watch for "you dont need to say a word, my money is yours" customers.

Now, I can't do front level staff and mid level staff. Could I be a trainer though? Since I know what to look out for and how to get it done? No on that count too. To be a sales trainer, almost the very first credential is your years of experience. Apparently, only when you've slogged 25-30 years up the ladder starting way below do you qualify as a proper trainer in this day and age.

Now what was I thinking? It's an unfair world after all. When you have a talent, which you don't particularly like, and yet can't benefit from it.


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