Dreamscape 2

I had another weird dream last night. I went to bed early. Heavy mind. Just before I woke up 3 hours later cos of a phone call, all this had materialized and went away. This was how it went:

I had just finished reading online about some interesting invention. Apparently, you know everyone has a Frenster ID number. Yeah, well if you take that number you can actually directly contact the person through your phone. I.e. If your number was "5554321", then all you gotta do is take out your phone and punch in "6-5554321" and the phone will ring and that person will pick up.

So, I was really amazed and wanted to try it. So, I went to get my phone, and it started ringing. Only later did I realize at this exact time, my phone in the real world WAS ringing, but lets get on with the dream. So, the phone rang, was a private number and I answered. There was some bloke on the phone and he told me he just called a number in random after seeing the Frenster announcement. Still amazed, I was talking to him and stepped out into my corridor to grab a smoke. I lived in a different house here, one of those corridor facing 3 room flats where you could look into the hall from the corridor.

I stepped out and saw a line of blokes standing along the corridor railing apparently getting punished by someone to do so. There was an Ah Beng-Ah Lian couple, 2 little chinese boys, 1 Indian boy who looked like Subramani from Subra and Friends. So, I looked further down the corridor and saw a middle aged couple peering into the window of the next flat down the row like there was something interesting. I told myself I'd go and investigate after I'm done with the phone.

The boy who had called me though, he had barely told me his name or where he's from when his mum started constantly bitching to him about how he's always on the line, blah blah blah. Soon, she just hijacked the phone and went Hello. I didn't know what to say, so I told her to get her son to call me back later when he CAN use the phone. Meanwhile, I peered into my own flat and saw an unknown fair little girl running around. So, I asked her. What you doing here? She replied. My brother just called you right. So, I also came around for a visit. I was ultra blur, and the girl looked so much like the little sis of a friend.

The phone rang in the real world again and I jolted awake. Why am I telling you this tale? Cos, it was a juxtaposition of all things unrelated, that's what it was. Just like in reality. Where so many unknown and unrelated elements come together to form the greatest of all coincidences.


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