It's a round up of the weekend post. Here are some important things I learnt this week:

1. Don't buy the largest popcorn available unless you know for sure you're gonna finish it. Always check with the others if they are gonna dig in too.

2. Little Miss Sunshine is a movie made for paedophiles. If you thought it was a heart warming comedy about the trials and tribulations of an American family trying to satisfy the goals of their young daughter, think again. Wait for the climax. If anything, what the movie doesn't deliver in the last 1 hr 20 mins, it makes up for it by making you double to the floor in laughter in the last ten. Unless you're a paedophile of course. Then, you'd be busy bent double working on your wank.

3. Sometimes hot pop songs we hear are actually carrying subliminal double meanings with them. And you don't gotta even play them backwards like the alleged Satanic cult groups.

Logical Ones: TLC - Don't go chasing waterfalls, if you don't want the water to fall on you.

Mispronounced Ones: Eminem - I can be your Subramaniam, I can be your Subramaniam.. your Subramaniam.. your Subramaniam.

Misunderstood Ones: Macy Gray - I try to say goodbye and I choke (on ma vomit), try to walk away and I stumble (cos I'm high). This aint a farewell song, it's a song about a KLK who leaves the KLKlub at 6 am and is drunk dialling his girlfriend.

What is the double meaning you ask? Well, they're all Yindian. Yes, TLC, Eminem and Macy Gray. All Yindian. Goodness gracious me!

4. You tend to sometimes revel in the magnanimity of God when he awards testicles to people who obviously don't know what to do with them.

5. Always read what you typed twice before hitting the "enter" key. Not everyone is in touch with 21st century culture like you. Scenario:

Me: Hey, how're you doing?
She: Feeling sick. And you?
Me: Same, recuperating, just recovered from food poisoning.
She: Ah.
Me: Not off to the temple today? Going for thimathi on Monday?
She: Nah, sick plus I have work on Monday.
Me: Ah, where's your sis, long time never see her. [I knew her sis first. She's just an acquaintance]
She: She aint in.
Me: Oh, so is there an open house for Deepavalli this year at your place?
She: Well, every year only my friends come over. So, this year I think I'll do the cooking and give my mum a break.
Me: Uh huh, how come your sister's friends don't come over?
She: She lazy la to invite and entertain all.
Me: Is it? She got tons of friends what. She's pretty popular in camp. This year I think she will have tons of people to invite.
She: What do you mean by that? Saying she's popular and all. I know my sister very well and I don't like the tone you're taking.
Me: Huh? WTF? No offence she's a friend to me too. I didn't mean it in THAT way, whatever you think it is.
She: Well, if you keep saying it, people wil get the wrong impression.
Me: *Dumbfounded* Ok gtg, byeeeeeeeeeee.

This I totally don't understand. Since when does saying someone is popular imply they are loose. Unless you do it with a very visible smirk on the face of cos. Is it KLKulture? Is this just an Yindian thing. That no one wants a female they know to be known as "popular" cos immediately that places her in the ranks of the "village bicycle" and the "hostel whore"? Or is this a general Asian thing? Or is this a Singaporean thing?

Comments please. [Do write them in the comments section. Leave the tagboard for frivolous "lau" titter tatter.]


Late Addition: Sash found this happening clip of the movie. One of the best scenes no doubt.

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