Birthday Bonanza

It's a month to my birthday. The famous 69. I like how the numbers curve.

To all who got the shameless sms, I don't care. I is sick and tired of not getting presents. I want presents. Not smses, not calls, not money, not "I buy you a drink la". But real, authentic presents.

So, I'm gonna do the logical thing by coming up with a wish list. Pick what you like. And give it to me. Cos, you know, if I receive, I'm sure to give.

Birthday Bonanza

1. A Watch - Brand immaterial actually, Swatch preferred. No clunky, clinky metal chainlinks. I want a nice black leather strap and a chrono watch with a non-gaudy face and bezel.

Estimated cost: $190

2. A Laptop Cover - Many happening ones in the market, some ex some not. I don't care as long as its durable. Make sure it fits an Acer 14 incher.

Estimated cost: $50

3. A Retreat to Batam/Bintan - I need a break. A long long break. Ok, just for the weekend also can. Spending cash for clothes included means I lau you many many.
['Chope'd by RITA]

Estimated cost: $100

4. A new School Bag - Funky, hip, can hold a 14 incher laptop with accessories. I LOVE the Mambo ones. If you wanna go atas a bit, can also get the Diesel ones.

Estimated cost: $80

5. Formal Wear - I own zero business shirts, pants, belts, cuff links, shoes, ties. Pick one, wrap it up. Send it over.
['Chope'd by NAL]

Estimated cost: ???

6. A Personal Cue - I've been asking my mum for 5 years and she always couldn't give a fuck. Maybe you could.

Estimated cost: $150

7. Boxers - You heard me. This one I cannot downplay the essence of quality. Remember comfort is everything. It is the last line of defence.

Estimated cost: $50

8. Ear Studs - Sick of this faux diamond looking ones I wear. Get me diamond studded rings or a few funky sets of studs. That would be perfect to mix and match.

Estimated cost: $30

9. Perfume - Ran out of Davidoff like so many months ago. Had my eye on Thierry Mugler's Alien that many months ago too. And there are soo many that I can smell-test everyone of them without activating my sinus. So, something masculine thank you very much. I do not wanna smell like Burberry's Weekend.

Estimated cost: $120

10. A Tattoo - Wanna help me start on the first of 7? This is the graphic.

I have no idea what it costs. But who's sponsoring this, rightfully should sit with me through it. I hate crying alone :)
['Chope'd by RESHIE]

Estimated cost: $200

11. An Eyebrow Piercing - Wanted to do it myself but evidently the cost is going to bite a huge chunk into my account. Anyone up for this? Simple barbell silver stud over my left eye. Nothing fancy. Just some cool shiet to start the new semester.
['Chope'd by Praba]

Estimated cost: $60

12. Books by Stanley Bing - Solid author. If you read FORTUNE, you'd be like me and just flip to the last page and read his column first. A management guru in his own right, and with no one to match his wit and sarcasm.
['Chope'd by UGRA CHANDI]

Estimated cost: $20++ per book

As suggested by Nal, I shall do a "Choped by XXX" tag on whatever is choped. But make sure it comes ah. Don't dissolve the castles I build on air. And of course, anything not included in this list but useful to me is more than welcome. Remember the idea is for "use" not for "deco".


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Ugra Chandi said...


i wanna chope #12. U got any titles in mind? n to which addy shud i send them to?