Brown Elephant

From talkingcock.com:

Happy National Day, cocksters!

This National Day, don't just lie back and watch TV or cabut to Malaysia or Perth as usual. Do something meaningful for a change, leh!

Why not join an online campaign for conserving and preserving indigenous Singaporean wildlife? What? No such thing as local indigenous wildlife, you say?

That's where you're wrong!

The common Brown Elephant (Bloggeratus Singaporeanus) is currently under serious threat

Help keep the Brown Elephant's natural habitat alive!

Why not download the image above and post it on your blogs or websites, or email it to your friends, as a sign of support for preserving the environment for free speech in Singapore?

But please, hor, DON'T sabo us by emailing this to the Gahmen, even though the last time people posted images of elephants in front of them, it achieved its aim. (But maybe it worked only because the elephants were their favourite colour - WHITE!) We're too chicken to kena call up for police questioning or tio a 'stern warning'.

After the Brown Elephant, don't let the Talking Cock (Kongus Chiaowayus) fall under the same threat!

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