The Quad

Only at The Quad, can we witness the utter wastage of our 10 dollars coughed up per semester in maintenance bills. The fountains go non-stop and neither soothe nor calm, but irritate the hell outa the sonics. Shut them down! I aint paying for no upkeep of irritating fountains. What purpose do they serve? The water goes up, up, and then oh wait, it goes down, just to go up again.

Only at The Quad, do you get to chill with good pals and crack each other up with great annecdotes, some true, most lies.

Only at The Quad, will Vik mistake an Indian girl with a big butt wearing green, for a Punjabi girl with a hot bod wearing blue. And he will later attempt to cover up ALL his false tales with the perpetual "That wasn't the one I was talking about la..."

Only at The Quad, can baked rice with chicken turn from hot, steaming, piping, filling meal to cold, raw chicken dumped into soggy cheese melted rice in the space of 15 minutes. Where, like Cafe Carterl, dishes are prepared ahead of time and just microwaved before serving. Thing is, the dishes are still blazing hot you fools! How do you expect one to manoeuvre the plates onto the trays when the fires of Lucifer are biting your palm?

Only at The Quad, can one man be totally shamed without him even being there. IT's like everyone had a story to share. I was happy. Common enemies are soo hard to find these days.

Only at The Quad, will a freshie in blue, follow us, unwittingly from Canteen A only to stand around with her Chinese friends contemplating on what to do while slurping on just a solo ice cream. You know we're looking, next time smile ;) Don't do the whole, I live in a different dimension, after all the one facing your direction was a sweet female senior not brazen boys.

Only at The Quad, will we see an Ang Moh chick, practically point to her breasts, and then proceed to cup them with both palms at her table and subsequently tuck into her sphagetti. We should have used the Hugo shades to counter your large ass red screaming ones, but of course, branded Vik has a "mighty" sense of urgency sometimes.

Only at The Quad, will you realize that this is now our pod. No more Canteens for us. The Quad, the Quad! Viva la Quad.

*Do the Q sign*


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