P-unani Quotes

Today, I is has been shouting ORD Lohhhhh so much in the corridors, at the canteen and actually to fuckin strangers who wish me good morning, that many people are convinced I'm leaving my employer for good.

How sad. The reality. That I actually ORD twice a year. Once in Dec and once in July.

Anyhow, just to keep the momentum going, I wanna today collate a few quotes about the P-man. Painstakingly collected, some gradually eased into the mood, some couldn't wait to put it down on pen and paper for me. Yes, its true. I had a paper in my left breast pocket just to collect quotes. Now aint this good effort. The things I do for you.

Quotable Quotes bout the P-unani

Sherwin: "Infinity cannot be understood by the finite mind" [philosophical, but dig deep and uncover the truth]

ML: "He is an MF with a FF" [MF - motherfucker, FF - fuck face]

Weiyong: "I fucking hate the way he mumbles when he talks" [Referring to urm urm urm yes sir, no sir, 3 black fools sir, one for my master, one for my dame and one for my brain that lives down the lane]

Boss: "I'm gonna fuck him."

Old Boss: "With people like him, how to fight war?!?!"

Rajes: "Only 1 word can describe him. Incorrigible"

CC: "One more time he comes and uses our printer, I'm gonna complain to my boss"

Edison: "I have zero respect for that bastard. Lucky not outside ah, I sure whack him"

Canteen Uncle: "Ya, that guy ah, KNN where got people go for breakfast at 11 then continue on to lunch then go for tea break at 4 and continue on till end of work day?"

Canteen Auntie: "Actually, he still owes me money for that Tau Sar Pau he took that time"

Enough? Now me.

ME: "What a nice quaint old soul he is. So zen in nature. Ah, we need 100,000 more P-mans to heal the world and make it a better place."

Yes. I'm soft. I know. What to do. Let bygones be bygones. If only he'd accidentally spray Baygon in his rice and keel over instead of making me spout such lies about his good nature.


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