Is it ? II

Is it that a certain "defiled" "stepdaughter" (as opposed to drunkenstepfather, has removed password protection from her blog?). No more fear? No more hiding under the coffee table? No more showy offyness that got her the "Fame" in the first place? Nah. All still there. Read the tags.

If you know what I'm talking bout, proceed. If you don't, you aint meant to know either way.

Is it that many people are tryin to con me out of providing free dinners and calling it birthday gifts?

Is it that I really oughta start on a 20 page report, but I've procastinated for a month and I think I can carry on for more, if the deadline wasn't 30th August?

Is it that some of youse don't understand how handphone companies work? When outgoing is cut, it means I can't reply mofos. Doesn't mean you can't call. Geddit? No calls/sms going "out". A-ok with all coming in, cos it's free! And also, if you die die can't reach me, use intelligence and leave a "Call me back" message. If you're important, I will. If you aint, now you know you arent.

Is it that I'm still down with lotsa phlegm and on-off fever (yes, I hide it quite well) and if I do drop dead, do remember to turn up in all your full regalia and bring some African tribal drums too? I think send offs need a good rhythm.

Is it that I am waiting for some people to call, 3 actually, but they've gone missing like last month's full moon? Always waning, always decreasing and then popping up for no particular reason?

It is.

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