Birthday Plan

It's like urmz 16 days to my birthday and counting. That's just over two weeks so get all ya budgeting right.

I am not having a big birthday bash because I never have. In fact, one fine year, all I did was stick a candle into a large Curry Chicken pizza and we blew it out as a family. I didn't do no drunken binge and screw a hoooker when I was 21. I instead, bought dinner for my family and extensions at Karaikudis. Food was damn good by the way.

So, this year. I wanna do something up class. Amidst all the poverty, in my life and those around me, it's time to spread the joy. How do you spread joy? Well you blow more dough!

MOS has kindly extended me with a good birthday bash offer which I think is pretty nice and worth it considering the price.

Thus, I am looking for 7 others to join me on the MOS escapade, which will be my 24th birthday celebs. I'll be straight with you guys. I've never belonged to the "Birthday boy feeds all" nor "All feed the Birthday Boy" theories. If we can meet halfway , that's totally cool with me and much appreciated.

It will cost $380. Between 9 people. That's a little over 42 bucks a person, to drink all that above mentioned liquor. IF need be, I'll chip in more. so, theoretically if I go in for $100, that will mean each of the other 8 pay $35.

Sounds a bit fair to me, thinking as it is that this is the amount most of us pay on an average night out at the clubs. I wanna get a table at Smoove and this offer is valid till 2 weeks after my actual birthday even.

So, mail/sms/call/tag me if you're interested. The first ones in the fray are Me (duh!?!) , RT, Nal

And make sure none of youse who wanna come is:

1. Underaged
2. Banned from MOS
3. Have violent tendencies after drinking
4. Cry like a bitch over your ex-gfren/bfren after drinking
5. Fall flat on your face after 2 glasses of liquor
6. Puke at any time near me, in the toilets is much preferred.

Any of the above happens, it will totally spoil my night and I will fuck u up silly. For those who haven't seen me in that state, I welcome you to try. You have been warned.

I am working on an "underground" tie-up within the joint with the bartenders that I know, so trust me, the list of bottles wont be the end of it all.

Let me know mofos.

Below is the schedule for Sept which I will update as I go along cos I'm so forgetful these days:

Schedule for Sept
[The 2 week Birthday Extravaganza]

1st - Fri - With Granny
2nd - Sat - Clubbed
3rd - Sun - Detoxified
4th- Mon - Lunch with V, Meet Vik in school, attempt to do some quality work, Jothi's birthday, Go NUS
5th - Tue - Home Sweet Home
6th - Wed - Lunch with Sim and gang of 6, Dinner with Joanne, Granny's wedding anniversary
7th - Thur - FE1007 Quiz :(
8th - Fri - Lunch w/ Kasthuri, Dinner with Nal, Brazilian at 6th, Night with camp boys at Hideout, Insomnia at Amaran
9th - Sat - Boat Quay
10th - Sun - Wedding at Ceylon Road with Praba and RT, Revathi's Birthday
11th - Mon
12th - Tues
13th - Wed - Parent's Wedding Anniversary
14th - Thur
15th - Fri
16th - Sat - Brother's birthday [Also LKY's]
17th - Sun
18th - Mon
19th - Tues
20th - Wed
21st - Thurs
22nd - Fri
23rd - Sat - Classical Dance Performance

Before you call, note that I can't do lunch on Wednesdays to Fridays. This is because, I is has turned over the banana leaf and WILL be attending all tutorials this semester.

The link will be on the sidebar so check back for updates.


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