Moony Monday

First, I wanna show you this appalling classified posted on NTU's classifieds, otherwise known as the "public folder" in our Outlook Express.

Posted At: Mon 8/21/2006 6:00 PM
Posted To: Tuition and Job Assignment
Conversation: part time cleaner on campus (weekend)
Subject: part time cleaner on campus (weekend)

Anyone willing to do room cleaning for me at the price of 5 an hour. I need sum1 to clean my room every weekend for 2 hours...just 1 room...reply to the email pls

No, seriously. What kinda mofo owns a hostel room and still can't even bend his own back to clean it up. Is he so used to an Indonesian maid or what? Reminds me of that episode of Moulmein High where the kids bring in their maids to their school camp to do all the cooking, cleaning and laundry.

Next, I want to recount my day. Cos, I heard that if you're a true blogger, this is what you're supposed to do. So, in this story, "ME" is "me", "Friend" is "someone I like", "Fucktwat" is "someone I don't like/fancy/treat as a human being"

Early in the morning, at about 11+, I met Friend at Sembawang. Took the train down to NTU. Met two other Friends. Me and one Friend then took a trip down to the south side of school to get something done, while the other 2 Friends decided to get to know each other.

Upon returning, I spotted a Fucktwat near the ATM. Wait there were 2 actually. A casual wave and the 3 Friends and I met up again, only to depart a while later, after the customary 'byes'. Walking on towards the busstop, I saw a Fucktwat who smiled (at least I figure it was to me, but then again the general direction was bad enough). So, I nodded and stared and abovementioned Fucktwat.

Took the bus and train and bus and got to NUS. Called a Friend. She came. Called another Friend. She came too. Saw a Fucktwat sitting with a "I'm prettier than thou" Fucktwat. He later got ditched for lunch by her. Nothing much to say cos I got ditched too. By 2 Friends no less. One went off in the direction of a medical institution, with a "soon to be" Friend (I hope). The other went off in search of Subway.

So, Friend and I ate at the Arts Canteen. The amount of Fucktwats we saw prancing about school was just fantastic. Uncountable even with my 20 fingers and 30 toes. Soon, I saw another Friend, just as this Friend was ready to depart. So, I sat with said Friend and his 2 other friends and provided some intellectual discourse for the next hour, in the process investigating a mysterious pussy that was on the leg of a girl (tattoo).

Old Friend then arrived after Subway-ing and we talked and walked to the bus terminus. At least, half way there. Friend had some nice apple lip balm going on. I then left this hellhole named National University of Singapore.

And then the day was quite a blur. I was practically operating in a daze. Lucky, darlin Rita didn't mind me sleeping for a good hour or so, if not I'd be the next Beetlejuice by the time this post went out. Yet, she insisted on lying that I snored like a pride of elephants. I don't snore! And my ex girlfriends were not so heavy sleepers till they didn't realize I snore!

I came home to the pleasantest of surprises. My mum grew too sick of my room and unkempt clothes and bed that she managed to do some interior designing and cleaning. The room is now spick and span and fit to eat chicken curry off the floor with. The bed has since shifted to another position. I tell you, if anyone can rearrange within a small confined area, twice in a year, it's my mum. She's gotten quite pro at it. Other mums throw out old stuff. My mum just rearranges them till the room looks neater.

So, a clean heart and a clean room to start the new semester. Now to aim for cleaner lungs and let the liver cells that have been working overtime to recuperate.


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