Smoking Guns

Twas a good Sunday. Woke up. Ate. Watched Miss Vasantham. Ate. And then the revelation. I am finally allowed to legally smoke within the confines of my room. This is very pleasing news because in those wee hours of the morning where my nocturnalitis kicks in, I am forced to consistently get out of the house and smoke by the flowerpots or try and sneak a coupla puffs in at the kitchen window (highly dependant on wind direction).

It's one of those inevitable things I guess. Like the time, it came up that I was smoking and no, I wasn't going to stop just cos whenever you saw some cigs in my pockets, you'd throw them away for me. Money always talks sense. Don't throw away things that money bought. It's utterly wasteful. Think of the poor children in Somalia who would have been dying for a nicotine break just about now. [Were these same lines used on you as a child when you didn't finish up what was on your plate?]

Well, technically, no one said it out loud that it's legal for me to blow smoke rings in my room. Cos, good Indian boys don't ask good Indian parents these sorta things, and good Indian parents are never to say such things out loud. This is so that they can STILL bitch about your vice to relatives and friends alike without feeling too insincere about it. But still, woohoo!

Next step? Try and lobby for a permanent ashtray at my table. It's quite tough balancing a cup of coffee, cigarette between fingers, and having to type messages out on the keyboard, 2 finger - praying mantis style.

I think I'll get one of those heavy heavy glass ones. Just so that it can double up as a weapon if need be during sibling brawls.


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Ugra Chandi said...

bro . . maybe u can get your heavy duty glass ash-trays from Muddy Murphy's . .i think its abt 20+ or 30+ a piece.