R.I.P. Angelo

It was one of those days I guess. When you sit around and think, oh what a wonderful world. Life is good. Aint got nothing too urgent to clear. Just a day to chill, watch some filth on the screen and sleep to face the mundane week.

You know the rest. Something always jolts you out of the blue. Something that makes you drop your glass. I did. My favourite green coffee cup broke. I got an sms. Not some usual bullshit about "where shall we go" and "remember to do this..." and "hello!". But the more unimaginable ones. The "Just wanted to let you know that so and so has passed away".

Not the first time I've got this news. Just that it all hits you then. That the boy is barely in his twenties. He hasn't even hit the magical 30 that young adults dread. Or his 40s where he's still toiling at the workplace. Won't see his children. No joy of marriage. And all for the sake of a freak accident, or so my first information tells me.

I'd like to say, cos this is as good a time as any was before:

We were never close. I saw you around. You saw me around. We were almost similar in a way. The whole "I won't say hi till you do" theory. Probably, to both of us, we WERE the most important person in the room and so why should we bother?

We did get to sayin hi, shaking hands, and then we did not after a while. I never had any run-ins with you and I never saw you do anything too stupid for me to look down on you upon.

Yet, whenever I walk into that joint. And do that initial scan for people. I know more times than not. Your face will be in the crowd. And with your group. I did wanna ask you how army was going, how your run-ins with the law were working out, but yeah, you know the drill. Sometimes, when you don't speak for long, you tend never to speak at all. And so it has become.

Take care of yourself up there.

Rest In Peace

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