First Present

I is has received my very first birthday present. And I'm very pleased with it.

Gerrard gave me a bottle of Bordeaux red wine. And it's of such a good vintage, he and I both know I'm gonna be savvy and NOT drink it, but keep it and let the price appreciate.


Anyhow, the flood gates have opened. The bench mark is set. Get with the program people.

Also, all my good mates who have been kind enough to lend just a bit of their space on their personal blogs to hosting the banner I sent you guys, thank you very much. You've done me a favour without expectations, without monetary transactions and with the same friendship that I accord to you.

Those, whom I did ask and who gave me the "i don want my blog to be commercialized", I understand totally. It is prolly the way you view the platform where you air your personal thoughts. All I need from this group is to NOT purchase anything the next Valentine's/Christmas/New Year's, cos the spirit of the occasion will be marred by all the commercial activities that flood the malls and your homes. Can I hold you to this ethos then?

Those, who asked me payment to host my banner, whether cheekily or not, I have just this to tell you. I am a very direct person. When I ask you a yes/no question, I believe the apt reply is either YES or NO. Cos, you know better than I, that if it comes to the power of the wallet, I can breach the limits of the measly allowance you draw from your poor folks, easily. Even on my bad days.

Don't take this as a whacking though, consider it a gentle reminder, that my friendships are always built over and above that building block called the dollar.


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