I've been hit by lethargy and so I shall make this quick.

1. Sorry folks, I was supposed to do lunch, in fact I arranged it, but money calls and money earned rather than money spent is always a good thing in my book. Well, as it is, The Quad has been christened. It is our new "pod" cos there's something bout all those smart chicks who study biological sciences. Why are they so hot? We will never know. But The Quad is going to help us find out.

2. I am forming a new movement. The gist is this. You sign up with me and I'll put you in cells of 4 (not more than 4 definitely, could be less). Everytime, I have an existing project to undertake, I'll pass it on to one of these cells, and you work on it. End of the day, you make your dough, I make mine as the initiator and all goes well till I find the next project.

Aim: Make some moolah.
Sub-Aim: Conquer the world.

On my part, I will fund all these said projects, but you work your ass out on them. People who are tantamount to going MIA, feeling lazy, with priority issues (i.e. your girlfriend's birthday is more impt than a meeting with the management of a venue) please stay far far away. I want this to be an independent-overview role for me, not a cleaner-upper.

I am looking for Poly/Uni students mostly. Studying business is a bonus, wanting to do business is all it takes. At present, I already have three for you to work on. So, let me know if you're interested, email/msn me. And we can get cracking.

3. mrbrown's t-shirts are out. They were on sale since yesterday at the Heeren. If you want to make a statement with them, go grab them as there are only 2 designs, one has a print of 350 and one only has 150 pieces. Read more at www.mrbrownshow.com . I need someone to buy me one of both in 'L'. So, if you read this and are there, and they still have them. Please do the necessary. Much appreciated, no worries, I'll pay. =)

4. If you're used to lashing out and no one actually jumps out and says "Fuck off ant.", then I really beg to differ. See, I don't play fair and I have tons of time (when I'm not out there contributing to the GDP). Why should I? Now, I like to keep things impersonal, I don't do names, I don't do places, just overviews. Who knows, knows. Who doesn't, doesn't. Simple?

Before, I react, I'll give you a "three strikes out" leeway. This is over and above my penchant for self-deprecating humour. So, click HERE , HERE and HERE.

I'd like to thank my fellow coppers, legalese folks (yes, you paralegals too you schmucks, haha), friends from tomorrow.sg, and a priceless trilogy of :

a. hitting below the belt. going for the balls.
b. at least you dont squat with balls in your face
c. slowly la ... let the bitch evolve in me

And what happens, happens.

Aroha Nui! *Nose Rub*
[Dedicated to the 60 NZD cat on her ankle and the polka dot shoes, circa NUS Arts Canteen 210806]

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