SBS: Stanley Bing Shastras

I met a friend last night, that's Wednesday night if you're not on the same time zone as us. This is no ordinary friend, cos unlike mutual introductions, meeting over a chivas and coke or even a conflict leading to a friendship, I got to know my friend through this very blog.

That's right, he chanced upon Keling Killahs, he came on to mine, began his now and then comments and thus I know of him and he knows of me. God knows why he took the bold step to take the level on to MSN, but I'm glad it happened.

I shall advertise him only as his nick "Ugra Chandi". So, Chandi and me popped into Kinokuniya yesterday to pick up my first birthday present. 6 days too early is still a present nah? It still amazes me, two things actually, one was his story about how he chanced upon KLKillahs [trust me if you heard this tale of divine intervention you'd be a disbelieving keling yourself], and next is why a complete stranger would want to "chope" an item off your birthday list. Whereabouts such lau and affection, that even relations don't spring forth with these days.

I'm now the proud owner of three books by an author I love, lovingly coined by the man as the SBS [Stanley Bing Shashtras].

Alas, Chandi in all his card swiping and caustic commenting skills didn't manage to get the blur fuck employee who "donated" us a free pen for our troubles, to remove the price tags.

Thus, total damage on Chandi for the night due to me:

3 Stanley Bing books
1 Mee Goreng + Mata Lembu
1 Pint Heineken
1 Pint Guiness
1 Heineken bottle
1 Taxi Ride home

Total damage: $115 est.

Thanks buddy. Don't worry I'll go one up on your birthday.


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SumiSweet said...

Yes..The frequent visits are due to the tremendous amt of time I have on my hands since I can't bloody hell get a job..Hmph..

So till then..I'll keep refreshing your page every 15 mins in hope of a new post.. Just kidding..Or not.. *smiles*