Yesterday was such a slow day, I almost regretted going to school. See, as usual, insomnia gripped me, shook me silly, and made me finish a book that I thought I'd read slowly for a change to savour its richness.

So, sleepless in Singapore and I get the morning stuff done and walk out of the house just to be faced by a BLACK sky. BLACK at 7 in the morning. The Gods really had it in for this nation. Unattended laundry was already flying in the wind. So, I did what every righteous student should do when faced with bad weather, and U-turned into the house, on the way to taking out my shoes.

Mum: I'll chop you if you don't go to school.
Me: You got see the sky or not, by the time I get to school, I'll be flooded and I carrying laptop summore.
Mum: Already one week you only got 3 days of school, you get ready already. Just get out of the house now.
Me: Nod nod. Where the umbrella?

So, school was as slow as ever. The chicks are getting hotter, we feel, as a whole, the whole 6 year degree program people. Done with popping in and out of repeat subjects, just to investigate when the quizzes are going to be held, I retired back to the old joint. Can A Smoking Pt.

It is here where time warps. The dimensions change. You sit here long enough, you'll be Rip Van Winkle, the guy who went to sleep and woke up 100 years later. So, around the 5th hour of bumming. Yes, we managed to from 11 am all the way to 4pm. Rino taps me and says, "wanna go work or not". Not even bothering about what the job was, I went "ON!".

Left in a hurry, stuck in a crowded bus with 2 indian chicks telling each other that one HAS to buy shoes that weekend, and one CANT cos she has to pay her insurance bills. Like we needed to know. The worst thing to do in a packed-like-sardines bus is to discuss your financials. I really don't need to know. She had a nice ass for a teacher wannabe though.

In the train, another Indian fella managed to get on our nerves. This one was the "I'm jus starting to know I'm gay and thus I talk this way" kind. Gossip like a fuckin bitch the fella. He and his 2 manjen friends. About the only word he kept on stressing was "Independent". Hmmm, independence does mean a lot to 16 year olds these days. I thought it was a given. You take it, not wait to receive it.

So, pouring rain in Buona Vista, waiting to flag a boss-sponsored cab ride. Rino flips his V3 and makes the booking. He says watch out for that license plate, I do, I flag it. We get in. Lo and behold, it's my dad. What coincidence! What are the odds for this to happen, seriously. I mean flagging your dad down at the side of the street is one thing, but for you to actually call to make a booking and for him to answer that call, I bow down to destiny. Of course, my dad wasn't even interested on WHY I would be going to a condo in a very high priced district of Bkt Timah, he only wanted to know if I had gone to school. My response, "Past 2 days you never see the rain meh?"

And thus, the job began. We is was BBQ chefs of the day. Satay, chicken, prawns, squid, beef, corn, hotdogs; what you want, we flame it for you. I tell you the smell that lingers on your clothes was horrendous! The 74 ppl really hated me that evening.

But alas, even in an expat retirement party hosted by him and attended by professionals, some ppl DO piss you off. The most was the Indian expats who give you that look. The "I know you're slaving over the hot fire like my wife does cos you are an uneducated buffoon". Man! You want me to show you my tutorials and laptop and flash my matric card in your face? I bet these same clowns later that evening will call their nerd fuck kids near and say "See, if you don't study, you'll have to cook food for people like us, who did study". Fuck alls. Second in line were the, "Can we have this , can we have that" manjens. If it's cooked, have it la! I'm not some third world dictator hoarding food from you. And if it isn't cooked now, it won't be 2 minutes later. What are you, a ponteng case from Home Econs class?

Finally, Hi Vatchu! IT's always a good day when someone heaps praise on your writing at Mac Dees early in the morning. Sorry if I was distracted, I had to disturb my Mini-Mat behind the counter first.

Something to take the mundaneness away:


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