Colours of Life

I know where all my bloody problems stem from now. It's all about colours.

See, I live amidst RED. All RED. Not only within a five block radius, not only within the town but within the next 4 adjoining MRT stations. Thus, turn left, turn right, head straight, and I see RED. I've grown up with RED, I live with RED, I can speak RED, I mix well with RED.

Now, however, since the rejuvenation of some old ties, and also lasting many years, I'm also seen around BLACK. That's BLACK, pure and true. The culmination of all other colours. The absence of white. That's BLACK. These days, I'm around BLACK alot because I like BLACK company anyhow. I mix well with BLACK.

To add to the confusion, I'm always spotted around BROWN. BROWN and me go back only for a couple of years but years nonetheless. BROWN and I have a symbiotic relationship. I don't fuck with BROWN. BROWN doesn't fuck with me. We're all happy in our own little delicate balance. I mix well with BROWN.

Then there's YELLOW. YELLOW and me are tight because I speak YELLOW for starters and well, sometimes YELLOW just engulfs you. YELLOW however, follow a stricter code than the other colours and so it is much easier to move with YELLOW. YELLOW also provides me with a good source of income when I do need it.

In much more recent times, I'm more in tune with the workings of BLUE. BLUE are just a periphery of this lifestyle I lead by virtue of another relationship. Yet, it can't be denied that seeing BLUE means BLUE see you too, when you're with the other colours.

You're wondering why this is all wrong? BLUE and BLACK are allied. RED and BLACK can never mix and have spent years dreaming each others' demise. BROWN is the common enemy of BLUE, BLACK and RED, just cos life's like that. YELLOW is the most subjective colour because some YELLOW are tight with some of the colours some of the time, and other YELLOW well, just hate the rest of the colour spectrum. Ultimately, I am sitting in that shaded intersection of this Venn Diagram.

I just wish I was WHITE. Or invisible. Whatever works. I need the peace.


Late Addition:

Happy Birthday my Brother. Live life long and well. I'm just happy you never had to see what I have or deal with it. And, you won't have to as long as I'm still around.

Go on, be a star. You deserve it. And I'll always be 2 steps behind, ready to catch you if you fall. Bet on it.

Also, it's the birthday of the Patriach of Singapore, i.e. the Supreme Man in White. Give it up for Old Man Lee people. And let's all wonder within our hearts if this birthday will be his last. People are passing on so young these days.

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