Tuition Date

I got many "hot" dates tomorrow.

In the morning, I gotta go see the Men In Blue cos they just love having my presence. It's like a once in 5 years thing where I need to see the M.I.B. just to remind them I'm still alive. A painful process though, having to bend over backwards trying to please someone I vastly outrank.

Then, I have to just while away my time in the afternoon. Call me if you're near Tekka and would love to have piping hot Indian food with me.

Later in the evening, I have my tuition kid to attend to. Already, I have run my first marketing job on the mother [Mel look here!]. See, it was the normal once a week get paid at the end of the month thing. Till I heard that exams are only a month and a half away. So, I need to get my effort's worth of money right? So, here pops me the great educational adviser, claiming that he is so weak that he needs more guidance. Pitter patter, rattle rattle... Now it's three times a week. That's 12 times a month. You do the math.

Nothing personal, purely business.

I like this dude. He aint fussy, he actually OWNS his textbooks [unlike my previous ones where the book was always lost or in the locker]. I definitely need a kid who owns his own books, cos I have none of my own. From where will I do last minute recall of formulae then. But, then again, you will get super stressed when you come across this careless one.

Careless has many degrees. There are those who when asked to square a thing, go times it by 2. Then there are those who just miss out one negative sign here and there. All this is forgiven the more papers you mark. But, to write a "t" and then mistake it as a "plus" sign? To write an "e" and then think it is an "8" and do your calculations?

It's for students like him that all unknowns in Math problems need to be either "x", "y", "a" or "b", and need to be properly spaced apart. God forbid you ask him to use an a square minus b square formula on a sum that only has "x" and "y" in it. You're asking for a 2 page solution cum thesis.

So, if you can help me. Call me at 4 to remind me to visit this future mathematician extraodinaire. I might forget, in the excitement of it all.

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