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Did you know that the famous Tammy NYP also runs her own blog and she's STILL fighting with her detractors. Alas, she doesn't have a tagboard, so her "fans" actually tag on her friend's ones and she responds to their tags on her posts in her own blog. Very confusing?

Shown to me [Credit: Kala], we reviewed her entries around the time the scandal broke out. It is quite obvious she deserved what came henceforth, cos of her whack job monologues. She even got her own Wikipedia entry, click HERE to go there. To get to her blog, click HERE.

I think posting this next bit of information is the quickest way to get the info across.

Temporary Support Staff (TSS) for MOE

If you have at least GCE N-levels, join them as a TSS. Duties include conduct of examinations, accounting of scripts, admin activities, data entry, logistical support. Contact SEAB_Contact-Us_Operations@seab.gov.sg

Commencing 19 Oct > (Thu) from 8am to 5pm.
About $45/day or $5.60/hr. Workplace is at Tiong Bahru area. Include in your email:
1) Full Name
3) Gender
4) Qualification
5) Availability period:

Another quality lobang from the man. Praba go get this done, pronto!

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